2nd assignment


we were ask to do rendering techniques.i,anis zulaikha bt ahmad kamal had NO IDEA wut rendering is all d shade n d shadow.fuckk!.ape niiiiii??.mdm showed us d previous assignment did by the seniors.perghhhh mantap gler!.mmg tergugat la nak ley wat terbaek cm2.there are 4 techniques given : hatching,cross-hatching,scribbling,stippling.


sketching time!.we need to sketch a sports shoes.sounds easy butttt its HARD ok!.anis zulaikha mn la reti lukissss.hukhukhuk.nsb baik nana tersayang ada.ats jasa baik dia,saya tekap sports shoes dia!.hehe.but the rendering techniques was made by me.also credits to ara,roha,sara,wafa n tqa.thnx guys!.tanpa anda siapalah saya. :)

thennn...inilah hasilnya! ---->


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