we are baby and still in love. our love has grown
stronger than ever with all that we have been through in this 5 years. so
many things have happened to us in this 5 years that have brought us closer. you never gave up on me and i realized then how deep your love was for me. i have had so much to deal with but you
were right there with me the
whole way. you have taught me so much in this 5 years about myself and
about real love. i have never felt so much joy in my life as i feel
when we are together, the love we share is something i only dreamed
about before but now it's real, and it's with you sayang. i loved you almost
instantly, i love you now and i will always love you baby. you are my soul
mate honey, and i can't imagine living without you and the love you have
given me. thank you for loving me darling. happy 5th anniversary babybooooo! i love you sooo muchhh!! ♥♥♥♥♥

ok.this is what he posted on my fb wall.
kenapa wakenababe?sebab before he post this at 12.00a.m. 10/04/2010 saya telah diperdayakan oleh beliau dengan jayanya. grrr!
begini ceritanya. ahhh panjang lah cerita dia.
tapi utk pendekkan, kami telah bergaduh dengan teruk tahap cipan dan anak-anaknya (serious yang ini teruk) sampai dia mintak break blah..blah..blah.. dan dia telah berjaya membuat saya meroyan SEMINGGU.
tahu tak meroyan tu apa? meroyan tu sejenis buah-buahan spesis durian. eh tak tak takkk.
meroyan tu macam kalau orang perempuan lepas bersalin dia nangis-nangis n macam jadi gila marah sikit ha itu dipanggil meroyan.
tp kes saya special sikit sebab saya TAK mengandung dan TAK melahirkan anak. sooo disebabkan unprepared (setelah apa yg jadi seminggu tu), kami hanya menyambutnya ala kadar sahaja. dang! mcm harreeemm. :P
and this is what we did on saturday,10/04/05

tengok cerita date night. best!

then we go for picnic kat taman botani. (^,^)

promote chipster. last2 xmakan pon
i just looove the 2nd picture. n idk why.
maybe sebab dia susah nak dapat candid picture.
sbb asyik senyum yg sama saje :P

uh uh duduk kurang sopan. sorry! theee heee ><

last pic sebelum balik (;

yeay! although it was unprepared but i have to admit that im having a superb anni-day!.
love u always now and forever TUN MUHAMMAD FALIQ AIZAT. :)

p/s: sorry to all my friends. (:


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congratz dear~:)

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tq min:)

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