hari jiwang

i'm having a really bad hair day today!. dari pagi tadi sampai sekarang. haii apalah nasib! dengan kereta buat hal nya. -_________-

so in order to get back the GOOD hair day, layan lagu jiwang tengah hari buta! what the efff!. hahahaha

i miss the good old days.

and these things would cheer me up! :)

*aren't this would put some smile on your face! :)))

say NO

kenapa orang melayu ada satu sikap or trend or ape eh nak ckp bila dia tak sampai hati nak say NO dekat orang. okay bukan orang melayu, that's just ME!. susah kan hidup jadi anis zulaikha ni when she doesnt know how to say NO to people. bukan tak reti , just tak sampai hati. so bila jadi macam ni, she'll create 1001 reasons to escape and end up failing. -____- *sigh

tak pe lah. mungkin ade hikmah di sebalik apa yang terjadi. orang dah nak mintak tolong kita, tak kan kita tak nak tolong kan?. am i being selfish here?



omg! gila nampak pencuri masuk rumah depan mata!. i seriously thought it was abang's friend. because right before that, his friend came to see him. i was in the living room facing the sliding door. then suddenly a red-shirt man step inside our house, terus ke sliding door where there's a car battery placed there and ambik bawak lari. then macam pelik kenapa kawan abang nak ambik battery??. bila abg keluar jerit WOIIII baru la gelabah dia nak lari bawak scooter merah.
world is so dangerous nowadays. they can even steal you stuff while you're inside the house. so peeps, beware of them thieves. don't left any of your valuable belongings outside the house. amaran keras dari kerajaan anis zulaikha.

org kaya memang begini eh?

you're messing with the wrong person dude!! Aku tahu lah kau orang kaya tapi jangan lah treat org tak kaya mcm kau mcm ni. Be responsible lah sikit. Kau dah besar, bukan budak baru 3 tahun. -__- ive given you ample of time to return it back! bila susah hari tu tahu pulak cari aku, ni bila dah tolong kau buat tahi. Apa jenis orang kau ni? aku ingat kau tak macam ni. I regret to deal with a person like you! if you keep on doing this, it shows your true colour.
P)s: jgn nak cakap aku besarkan hal kecik, kau dah cari masalah pandai la kau settle balik.


yupppp, im working here now at TRI - SILVER HOLDING SDN BHD. as journalist comes PA. been working here for the past 1month.

heyy, im surrounded by lovely people!.

btw, on the 2nd week of working, we've been given responsibility to handle an event which is the IPOH STREET FIESTA. it was a greaaatttt experience i can tell. handling an event was no joke man. you have to make sure everything went perfect to gain a successful return. and we DID!. a big round of applause to me and my colleague. *clap clap clap

although ive been through an extremely tiring week, but it is all worth it. then bila dah habis event, tak ada kerja lah pulak kan.but nevermind. better be that way. hehe. so all in all, im happy with this job! :)


well hello guys!!!. it has been a YEAR since i last wrote on my blog. ;p

as you can see, i'm happy with my life now. hell yeah you can see it through my appearance today. ya ya i know imma fatty bom bom!. nahh who cares?? im pleasant to be surrounded by all the lovely people with all the superlicious food they served me! ahah :D

sooo, this is my come back! i hope this will stay long enough. *wink wink >.<

gimme a B and U and double B and Y and EEEE!. BUBBYEEEE! hihi


this is me way back in 2008.

this is me now!.