yupppp, im working here now at TRI - SILVER HOLDING SDN BHD. as journalist comes PA. been working here for the past 1month.

heyy, im surrounded by lovely people!.

btw, on the 2nd week of working, we've been given responsibility to handle an event which is the IPOH STREET FIESTA. it was a greaaatttt experience i can tell. handling an event was no joke man. you have to make sure everything went perfect to gain a successful return. and we DID!. a big round of applause to me and my colleague. *clap clap clap

although ive been through an extremely tiring week, but it is all worth it. then bila dah habis event, tak ada kerja lah pulak kan.but nevermind. better be that way. hehe. so all in all, im happy with this job! :)


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